Monday, November 3, 2008

Blog update (part 1) - very unprofessional

It seems that in the blogger community updating the blog on a daily / weekly basis is a must. I don't. But as some people gave me subtle hints like "When are you gonna update your blog? Why start it if you weren't gonna use it?!" I have decided to indulge them :)

So here is a summary. I know this is not the way to do it, but I'm a poor excuse for a blogger, so here it goes:

19th August 2008 - We arrive in Copenhagen, Denmark. Beautiful city and definitely a great change of landscape when coming from Bucharest.

Favorite means of transport is commonly known as "bike". Not having one means that you'll become insane looking after other people's bikes day after day... and they're a lot. Having one means that you'll freeze every day on your way to school or work, but at least you stay fit and spare some bus money.

TIP: One of the things that I really like about Copenhagen is the public transport. Bus, metro and S-train are all under the same administration which means unified fares and tickets. One ticket will last you one hour during which you can use any transportation. So feel free to jump from a metro in a bus; as long as you reach your destination within an hour there's really no problem. Oh, and check out the fully automated metro.

One thing that I really dislike about Copenhagen is the public transport. The city is organized in zones and the ticked price is based on the number of zones that you want to cross. Nice idea in theory, but in practice it's hell to figure out what kind of tickets you want and what tricky detour you should take so that you won't pay for that zone that you're just passing through and not actually stopping.

TO DO: Buy a boat and live like the Highlander. At least I wouldn't have to worry about paying rent; I'm sure a dock fee is a lot more reasonable.

And "Yes", I have seen the Little Mermaid. It was quite nice actually...

Ok, there will be more, but I'm tired now. It was quite an effort braking a habit not to update the blog so bear with me.


Anonymous said...

Relevant part: Oh. Highlander THE SERIES. Nah. I'd rather buy a boat and say hello to the mermaids. Do they speak English?

Even more relevant part: Yay! BLOGPOST!! MORE MORE!!

Poze nunta Maria said...

felicitari, in primul rand pentru blog, iar in al doilea rand pentru minunatele postari