Thursday, March 27, 2008

Lost in multiple identities

I've lost myself in multiple identities.

I have 4 personal email accounts, 2 job email accounts, 1 school account (supposedly), 2 or 3 other accounts on lesser providers (I don't even remember these), I'm registered on at least 7 discussion boards, I've started a couple of websites (not worth mentioning) and I think I have another blog somewhere...

Then I have entertaining sites accounts (marvel, youtube, starwars, miniclip etc.), software developers sites accounts (microsoft, adobe, corel etc.), programming communities accounts (codeproject, gamasutra etc.), software and driver download sites accounts (too many).

Now, when I have to login on a website I have to go though an entire algorithm: do I already have an account?, what username?, what password?, what email address? And the amount of spam all this generates... whoah!!!

Sometimes it's driving me crazy and I'd like to reset my Internet presence to one identity. Just one!

But I can't...

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